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Invest in your future and enjoy long-term cost savings of up to 80% with ownership options. Ditch the rent trap and build equity.

Don't miss the opportunity to own 7.7 hectares of strategic land plot in the leading industrial area of Batam Island! Start your industrial investment today and achieve success with us. For Just S$ 7.82 Psf



Feeling squeezed? Your business is thriving, but your warehouse or your workshop is a claustrophobic nightmare. Inventory spills over, costs skyrocket, and expansion feels like a pipe dream within the City cramped confines. Shipping delays strangle profits, and your growth is gasping for air.

(On a year-on-year basis, industrial prices in Lion City were up 6.2% respectively by the end of Q3 2023)



Break free from the squeeze!

Batam awaits – just a 45-minute

hop from Singapore. Batam Island isn’t just any destination; it’s a renowned industrial hub in The manufacturing sector. And here’s the strategic advantage – Batam is in close proximity to both Singapore and Malaysia, unlocking opportunities for Asian regional Collaboration and market expansion.

Unleash your business potential in thriving Batam! Own your expansive 77.000 m² Land Plot haven, Perfectly sized for any type of industrial field. Prime land in the heart of the Bintang Industrial Area.


Imagine the flexibility: customize your ideal workspace, optimize logistics, and build your industrial empire - all within this strategically located hub. Escape the rent trap, seize ownership, and watch your profits soar!

For Just S$ 7.82 Psf

Crush Costs, Not Dreams: Dive into Growth & Freedom!


Unleash Your Inner Production Titan

Ditch the city squeeze and spread out in your expansive 77,000m² land plot. More like launchpads for your industrial dreams. Craft behemoths or delicate masterpieces, this space bends to your every ambition.


Logistics Victory Dance

Nestled in the industrial hub, ports and highways bow before you. Your goods fly across continents faster than Usain Bolt, crushing competitors stuck in The Lion City traffic jam. This is your transportation throne, rule it with efficiency!


Light, Medium, Heavy? Bring It All!

From laser-guided assembly to earth-moving giants, this land plot is a chameleon of industry. No task is too big, and no product is too small. Adapt, innovate, dominate – the possibilities are endless.


Fort Knox Ain't Got Nothin' on This

Sleep like a billionaire knowing your empire is guarded tighter than a dragon's hoard. 24/7 security and a private industrial haven? More like your impenetrable fortress, where rivals cower and your assets thrive.


Forget Landlords, We're Your Industrial Sherpas

No faceless corporations here. Our team is your on-the-ground Batam whisperer, your permit-crushing ninja, and your logistics guru. Need help? Consider it done. We're here to clear your path and propel your business to the top.


Ditch Rent's Maze, Build Your Equity Empire

Stop lining someone else's pockets. Owning your industrial land plot is an investment in your future, not their retirement fund. Watch your profits soar as you build equity, brick by brick, unlocking financial freedom that fuels unstoppable growth.

Ditch the Rent Drain and fuel Your Growth! Batam's 80% Savings Are Your Launching Pad

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Not Big Enough?

We offer more than 20 hectares of land ready for development for industrial areas. Make your business dreams come true with the right investment. Contact us now for more information!



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