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We Present To You Bintang Industrial Park II

Bintang industrial Park II is developed by PT Bintang Propertindo on a piece of uncultivated land allocated by BIDA (Batam Industrial Development Authority) as 70 hectares. PT Bintang Propertindo is a subsidiary company of the BJS Group, which has been successful in the development of Bintang Industrial Park I located in Batu Ampar, northern part of Batam Island.

At present, there are quite a few tenants operating their factories in the Bintang Industrial Park II. All of them are foreign investors, coming from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan. Bintang Industrial Park II, officially opened by Minister of Industry and Trade on 15th May 2001, is in its development progress to meet your requirement.

Strategic Location

Bintang Industrial Park II is situated at an intermediate position along the business area in Batam Island and international seaport. Its ideal location offers easy access for transportation and commuting.

Extensive land of Housing and Commercial Area highly supports the crowd of society and environment. There are also firestation and power plant in the vicinity. This shows the location is highly potential for future development.

Full Address of Bintang Industrial Park II:
Kawasan Bintang Industri II
Jalan Brigjen Katamso
Tanjung Uncang – Batam
(Only 4 minutes away from Holiday Inn Hotel and Harris Resort)

Industrial Specification

The construction process of Steel and Concrete Design Structure is completely based on AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction), with highly professional and qualified standard.

Structure : Concrete
Sub structure : Steel works
Production area :
  • Load capacity 10 KN / m2
  • Conceret
Office area :
  • Load capacity 2.5 KN / m2
  • Ground : Concrete without reinforcement
  • Mezzanine : Concrete
  • Local ceramic tile
Production area :
  • Metal sheet cladding
  • Ceramic brick wall with plaster & painted
Office area : Ceramic brick wall with plaster & painted
Standard aluminium glass & wooden door
Ceramic tiles on floor and wall with +/- 1.8 m high
Ground floor
Male Squatting water closets
Wash Basin
Female Squatting water closets
Wash Basin
Mezzanine Floor
Male Sitting water closets
Female Sitting water closets
Metal sheet with aluminium foil, glass wool and roof mesh
Sakura Gypsum Ceiling
Using Nippon Paint or equivalent
Distribution from ATB ( Batam Authority )
Distribution from PLN ( State Electricity Enterprise ), ( Required capacity is upon request ) TELECOMMUNICATION
Distribution from TELKOM ( State Commonication Enterprise )
Septic Tank is provided for domestic sewerage discharge

Industrial Facilities

ATM Machines

There are ATM (Automated Teller Machine) available in the  industrial park among others: NISP Bank, BNI Bank, and Mandiri Bank. Workers and any bank customers may easily access their bank accounts at these ATM Machines.

Canteen & Food Center

Over twelve food stands provide different kind of food with affordable price for workers in a clean eating environment.

Shops & Others

Shops that provide daily consumer goods are available besides phone booth, clinic, barbershop, foot massage.


Convenience and highly secured environment are our concern in providing the dormitory.
Besides dormitory, hundreds of small units of houses are built for accommodating workers. This housing complex covering ten hectares of land is just beside the industrial park.

Housing Area

There are also over than 10 Hectares for housing area which are available for public. Over than 60 % of housing area are already contained because of the strategic location and near by to the industrial park.

Industrial Services

Management Program

The management of Bintang Industrial Parks has long set up a professional team to render services for the satisfaction of every tenant operating in our parks.  This program of one-stop services covers:

  • Immigration clearance and application for work permit for expatriates
  • Application for the establishment of enterprise (both domestic and foreign capital investments)
  • Utilities & Security
  • Financing application
  • Logistic
  • Accounting & Taxation problems solving
  • Human resources and legal affairs consultation

Security ProgramEstate Security & Comfortable Industrial Environment Programs:

  • Round-the-Clock Security Patrol – Every entrance is monitored by CCTV
  • Clean, green, and irenic working environment
  • Road network maintenance
  • Drainage network maintenance
  • Estate lighting maintenance

Superior Infrastructure

Development & Salable Area

The total development area is over 72 Hectares (178 Acres) and salable area is 47 Hectares (116 Acres).
Bintang Industrial Park II offers various sizes and shapes of industrial premises in order to fulfill tenants’ requirement. Interior design and internal structure of each premises could also be customized.

Land Filling Height and Gradients

Bintang Industrial Park II is designed to be Free From Flood. After land filling,  elevation of the site is 9.7 m (32 feet) at the lowest and 15.4 m (50 feet) at the highest above sea level, and it keeps higher elevation by 1 m (3.2 feet) than its surrounding area.


The character of the ground soil is solid and firm and sound enough for construction of various type of factories on it. The result of geo-technical survey shows that piling is not required for the construction of an average type of up to 2-story factory. However, the soil condition is different from point to point, and, therefore, we recommend that tenants should conduct geo-technical tests in their plots before starting construction of factories.

Road System

The road system is designed to cope with convenient access for big vehicles inside the industrial park.

Width of the road ranges between 30 m (98 feet) and 20 m (65 feet). Asphalt pavement road is with 2 traffic lanes for 2 sides. Street light poles are aligning in zigzag with 35 m (115 feet) interval at both sides of road. Sidewalk at both sides is about 1.5 m wide.

Drainage System

The drainage system is composed of Box Culvert and Covered Open Ditch network and retention ponds. Since the flow capacity of drainage ditches and related structure are calculated by using recorded data, Bintang Industrial Park II can be kept Free From Flood even during heavy rainy season.


The design, construction management and construction of Bintang Industrial Park II is undertaken by the reputable BJS engineering company and general contractor.



  • Date: 15 May 2001
  • Skills: building, industrial
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