Bintang Industri I

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Just for information, Bintang Industrial Park I was developed in 32 units of industrial premises of various sizes. Upon completion of the development project, it had already been fully booked by tenants, both foreign and local. It was no wonders that the former President Soeharto came to officially inaugurate its operation on 11th December 1995. By then, total number of man power working in the industrial park was no less than 3,500 workers.

Following the success of Bintang Industrial Park I and believing that Batam Island would be at all costs and constantly developed by the Indonesian Government to become one prominent industrial island in the Asia Pacific region, the development of Bintang Industrial Park II was initiated in year 1996. Its development site is located in Tanjung Uncang, western part of Batam Island, which is already well-known as a centre of shipyard industry in the vicinity.

  • Date: 11 December 1995
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