Welcome to Bintang Industrial Park

About Our Company

Bintang industrial Park I, II is developed by PT Bintang Propertindo – a subdiary company of BJS GROUP – since 1996. As the group of companies of which one of the main business lines is industrial property development and management since 1990, our key of success is customers’ true satisfication through our quality products and warm-hearted services. Quality products include good industrial and working environment, building specification of quality standard as well. Every service rendered to our customers is performed on heart-to-heart basis rather than merely business specs. And this is indeed our company’s vision.

Bintang IndustriSecret of Success

We are more than just a developer, tenants are in fact our partners in every step we make. We have been aware that only through excellent quality in both products and services would be able to expand our tenant base .

In realising our vision, we always put human resources as our top of priority. Without the all-out-support of qualified human resources, it is hardly possible to gain quality products and services. No matter how sophisticated technology is, there are two output would always be generated by the so-called ‘human’.

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